Turnkey Projects Designing

Turnkey Projects Designing

Project Planning

This involves the initial stages of project conceptualization and planning. It includes understanding the client’s requirements, defining project objectives, conducting feasibility studies, and identifying potential challenges and opportunities.

Engineering Design

Engineering design focuses on the technical aspects of the project. It involves civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and other engineering disciplines to ensure the facility’s infrastructure, systems, and equipment are designed to meet the required standards and specifications.

Architectural Design

The architectural design phase encompasses the creation of detailed plans and layouts for the physical structure of the facility. It involves considering aesthetics, spatial functionality, safety, and compliance with building codes and regulations.


Turnkey projects include sourcing and procuring all necessary materials, equipment, and components to be used in the construction and implementation phases. The contractor manages the procurement process, ensuring timely delivery and quality of materials.

Construction and Installation

This stage involves the physical construction of the facility or system as per the approved design and plans. The turnkey contractor oversees all construction activities, coordinating with subcontractors and ensuring adherence to project timelines.


After the construction is complete, the facility’s systems and equipment undergo rigorous testing and commissioning to ensure they operate efficiently and meet the required performance standards.

Quality Assurance and Control

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, quality assurance and control measures are implemented to monitor progress, identify potential issues, and maintain the project’s quality and integrity.

Project Management

Overseeing the entire project is a critical service provided in turnkey projects. Effective project management involves planning, resource allocation, risk assessment, progress monitoring, and stakeholder communication.


turnkey projects include training sessions for the client’s personnel to operate and maintain the newly implemented facility or system effectively. The contractor may also provide ongoing support and maintenance services.

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